Accessories and Parts

Chef's ApronWM-APRONChef's Apron$14.95
Adjustable Adapters, Set of 2WM-ADAPTERSAdjustable Adapters, Set of 2$5.25
End Caps, Set of 2WM-CAPSEnd Caps, Set of 2$5.25
Aluminum RodWM-ROD$5.25
Latch Replacement KitWM-LATCHLatch Replacement Kit$5.25

WARNING: Extremely sharp blade. Although concealed, keep away from hands and from children’s reach.   DO NOT USE the WrapMaster Wrap Dispenser to cut aluminum foil, or blade will be damaged.  DO NOT USE the WrapMaster Foil Dispenser to cut plastic wrap, or blade will be damaged.